McDonald's 1,000,000 Diamond Hunt
World Series Winning Score Game
25th Anniversary $250,000 Prize Celebration
Double Choice Quiz
Easy Pickens
McDonald's $1,000,000 Menu Mania
McDonald's $6,000,000 Winning Combination Game
Million $ Match 'n Win
$10,000,000 Build A Big Mac
McDonald's $500,000 Double Break
Menu Music Chant (1981-1982)
Morning Money
You Deserve A Break Today Game
Chicken McNuggets One of a Kind
McDonald's $20,000,000 Quality in the Bag Game
McDonald's/Atari Scratch N Win
McRib No Bones
Which Came First Quiz
Million $ Taste Game
Outrageous Offers
Great Taste Election
Magic Candle Sweepstakes
When the U.S. Wins You Win
Win America's Meat 'N Potatoes or Beat America's Best
Great Taste Sweepstakes
McDonald's $1,000,000 Treasure of Diamond Head
Trivial Pursuit
When Your Team Wins, You Win NCAA
McDLT Monopoly
Play Monopoly at McDonald's
$50,000,000 Monopoly Game at McDonald's
Chicken Nuggets Fiesta
McDonald' s Mickey's Birthdayland Party Game
McDonald's/Disneyland Blast To The Past Game
When The U.S. Wins You Win
$300,000 Money Mania
McDonald's $1,000,000 Menu Song Game
McDonald's Blast Back with Mac Game
McDonald's Splash for Cash
Play Fries Surprise
The $75,000,000 Scrabble Game at McDonald's
Discover Your Fries Surprise
McDonald's $40,000,000 Dick Tracy Crimestopper Game
McMillions TM on NBC
McDonald's/Universal Studios Hollywood E.T. Giveaway Cup Game Official Rules
Fox Kids TV Takeover
McDonald's NFL "Kickoff Payoff" Game
Nick or Treat Sweepstakes
"These Guys Must Be Crazy" Sweepstakes
Totally Into Video Sweepstakes
1994 Nickelodeon Slime Time Sweepstakes
Fox/NFL or Superticket Superbowl XXIX
McDonald's McWorld Fantasy Sweepstakes
McWorld "Sony" Sweepstakes
McWorld Ghostwriter Sweepstakes
McWorld Rollerblade Sweepstakes
Richie Rich Movie Sweepstakes
Sega Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Sweepstakes
Fox Kids/McWorld Home Arcade Sweepstakes
McDonald's New York Jets NFL Pro Bowl Sweepstakes
McDonald's Olympic Games Giveaway
McDonald's/New York "McFamily Fun Sweepstakes
McWorld Boyz to Men Sweepstakes
McWorld Disneyland Adventure Sweepstakes
McWorld Monopoly
The Monopoly Game at McDonald's (April 1995)
The Monopoly Game at McDonald's (November 1995)
Blue Jays Batter Up Game
Deluxe Monopoly Game at McDonald's
Disney's Masterpiece Collection Trivia Challenge at McDonald's
Fox/Sega Tween
Hottest Game In Town
McDonald's Happy Meal Workshop Game
McDonald's Sweepstakes for the Walt Disney World 25th Anniversary
Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sweepstakes
When the USA Wins You Win
McDonald's World Famous Fries Game
Monopoly Game at McDonald's
The Build a Big Mac Game at McDonald's
Armageddon Instant Win Game From McDonald's
Drive It Home Game at McDonald's
Get Back with Big Mac Game at McDonald's
Greatest Moments in Orioles History Consumer Vote Sweepstakes
McDonald's Be on "Recess" Sweepstakes
McDonald's Peel Out & Win Game
McDonald's Vacation Giveaway in Celebration of Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park
McDonald's World Cup Sweepstakes
McPegate at McDonald's
Monopoly Game at McDonald's
Official McDonald's NBA All Star Ballot
The Wonderful World of Disney
Win a Computer
1999 Monopoly Game at McDonald's
Dreamworks 2000 Award Recognition Program
McDonald's Heritage Bowl Sweepstakes
McDonald's Jungle Surprise Promotion (Tarzan)
McDonald's QPC Code Name Game (Inspector Gadget)
McDonald's/Fox Kids Mightiest Mystic Knight Sweepstakes
Millennium Instant Win
Ronald Scholars Game at McDonald's (Series I)
The Big Mac Land Game
The Magic of Disneyland Game at McDonald's
The McDonald's And More Game
McDonald's Magic Treasures Promotion
Music Event Game at McDonald's
Ronald Scholars (Series II)
Taste Trials Game
The 2000 Monopoly Game at McDonald's
The Hatch, Match & Win Game at McDonald's
The Win on the Spot at McDonald's
The Yomega Power Brain Game at McDonald's
2001 Pick Your Prize Monopoly Game at McDonald's
McDonald's Presents The Fisher Price-Little People Sweepstakes
McDonald's The Best of Latin Music Sweepstakes
McDonald's USA 2001 Instant Giveaway (Modified component of 2001 Pick Your Prize Monopoly)
Spy Kids Ultimate Spy Game
The Who Wants to be A Millionaire Game at McDonald's

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